26 Dec In ordered to surrender the LIC POLICY, the LIC POLICYHOLDER needed to submit the surrender form duly signed by the POLICYHOLDER on. 27 Jul – Online Insurance, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Mediclaim, PA, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance. Online Forms. LIC’s Pensioner’s Page. Claims Under Regular Life Insurance Policies Death Claims: The person legally entitled to receive the policy monies.

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I followed the above steps and the refund was easy. Even in case you surrenderr not get a single rupee paying another premium is waste 50744 money. Anonymous January 20, at 9: Hi Thitherwards, we do need to send the original Policy Document along with the filled forms.

If I take the surrender value of Rs. Thanks, Chanaveer K Log in to Reply. You can go ahead and surrender since LIC would already have a record of all surrejder premium payments on their system.

That agent tells me that I would be handed a letter saying that I can’t take another policy with LIC for the next four years. Is it better than surrendering?? Neeraj Sinha May 9, at 4: Yes I am sure that the surrender process can be done by speed post because that is how I surrendered by LIC policy.


Surrender Form Form No 5074 3510

What will be the surrender value in both cases. I am about to surrender a bunch of LIC policies. Anonymous November 16, at 7: After 5 years my money is halved!

Thanks and kudos for maintaining a superb educational website!! Fixed deposits in banks.

Hi JK, Not necessary to revive. What was the most amazing thing was that on May 12,the courier with the policy certificate and other forms was delivered and on May 14, within 48 hoursthe surrender value money was in my banking account.

However, you can call up LIC Customer care and they should be able to help you how much refund you would get when you cancel. lci

FAQ – How to surrender LIC Policy?

Hi, Thanks for the information. Bala Krishnan October 10, at 8: Present Badge No and Department No With failed healthmy chances of closing LIC is closed. Neeraj Sinha July 22, at Neeraj Sinha December 7, at 9: Hi Neeraj, I have just taken a LIC Money back policy but after anaysing this policy i have found that it is not beneficial for me and now i want to cancel this policy Could you plz help me out. Please clarify if you are aware of.

Hi Neeraj, Can you please tell as of how many days did it take for the money to be credited to your account? You indicate that it was better if you have invested money some where else apart from LIC jeevan anand or purchased costly laptop or fancy bike whatever.


Dear Manoj, Not even necessary to think twice. Anonymous August 12, at I hope I can surrender.

Signature surrsnder space for stamp is your signature. Should I surrender all these 20 policies?. The second premium was again due in April But I haven’t paid it yet due to some constraints and my agent told me that I have 6 months to pay the premium to keep the policy valid.

L.I.C.of INDIA — surrender of policy

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Now waiting for the cheque Log in to Reply. Could you please advice me is there any way to get my money back now? Original premium payment receipts are mandatory for this? It hasn’t credited yet. LIC is very prompt with online money transfer. Will update once I get the actual calculations.

Please reply Log in to Reply. Srivatsa September 24, at 3: