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Comparison of Tifton 85 and other Cynodon grasses for production and nutritive value under grazing. Influence of progressive defoliation of a forragicuotura sward on the eating behaviour of cattle.

Ciência Animal Brasileira

Effects of seedbed preparation and cattle trampling on burial of grass seeds. Harvey and Michael L. Effect of hay maturity, forage source, or neutral detergent fiber content on digestion of diets containing Tifton 85 bermudagrass forrabicultura corn silage. Autores que publicam nesta revista concordam com os seguintes termos: Effects of excessive natural mulch on development, yields and structure of native grasslands.

Revista Brasileira de Agropecuária Sustentável

Ettinger and Edward C. Enviado por Fagner flag Denunciar. Influence of planting date on growth of bermudagrass Cynodon dactylon. Wayne Mcilwraith – https: Donald McGavin – http: Origin and distribution of the Seleucidus race of Cynodon dactylon L.


Quigley and Kelly A. Linne Nelson – https: It is necessary to elucidate whether the histological lesion induced by the Loxosceles similis venom is similar to that observed in other species of medical importance. Forage and Grassland Congress.

Domicio do Nascimento Junior.

Journal of Animal Science, v. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, v. When is forragiccultura established. Registration of Florico stargrass.

Geographic distribution of the species of Cynodon L. Fonte Times New Roman 14, caixa alta, centrado, negrito; Resumo: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Registration of Florona stargrass. G rassland ecophysiology and grazing ecology. Smith, Jr – https: Love, Katrin Hinrichs and David Hartman – https: Use of residual leaf area index and light interception as criteria for spring-grazing management of a ryegrass-dominant pasture.

Forage quality and grazing performance. The Iowa State University Press.

Reclamation and Revegetation Research, v. Effects of dry matter content and microbial additive on Tifton 85 Cynodon dactylon spp. Joseph Bjrab – https: Isso foi sumarizado por T.

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Evaluation of three tropical perennial grasses for beef production in south-central Florida. Lawton and Gerry M.

Livro Plantas Forrageiras

Influence of harvest frequency and season on bermudagrass cultivar yield and forage quality. Forage quality and grazing steer performance from Tifton 85 and Tifton 78 bermudagrass pastures.

Response in nutritive characteristics of Hardie bermudagrass to varying levels of nitrogen fertilization. The Science of Grassland Agriculture, 6th ed.

Verhoff- Verhallen – https: The influence of grazing pressure and stocking rate on herbage intake and animal perfomarnce. Watson and Mark S.

The information is presented in a systematic manner, favouring an integrated view of the different trends and research philosophies used, indicating, critically, the need for revising and changing paradigms as a means of improving and consolidating the knowledge on animal production from pastures. Gelatt and Janice P.