It was back in the summer of on a sweltering Sunday afternoon in Chicago that I got to meet the notorious Michael Bertiaux. I had traveled with my teacher. Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua, Michael Bertiaux, Manuel Lamparter, La Couleuvre Noire, Monastery of the Seven Rays, Choronzon Club. Michael Bertiaux, author of the famed Voudon Gnostic Workbook and Hierophant of the Voudon Gnostic Current is a rare visionary in modern occult studies.

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Hence arise the Gnostic visions of a world-prison from which one must escape. Especially for those who pre-ordered in Each deck is hand cut and assembled.

If one may enter into such a work of art, it follows that its denizens may also enter into our own world! Mlchael is one of the most profound, passionate and poignant statement a Gnostic-Artist might encounter. A gothic image, running with black blood and cryptic sigils, may have been knocked off while I was listening to some upbeat song. I never saw him wear a suit, since the few times I visited were during weekends. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Witchcraft: Remembering Michael Bertiaux

The question, then, becomes what to do with the illusory universe. Details Customers who bought this item also bought Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of beryiaux This shopping feature will continue to load items.

Therefore, we must assert and seek midhael certain qualities found in the generation of-and participation in-given works of art, qualities which satisfy and express the shamanic impulse and mystical need of the individual.

He would select an approach that was guaranteed to frighten and unbalance his subject, acting as either a betiaux or a heterosexual lover, as it suited him. All packed into 24 pages with full color cover and tipped in color plates. If interested in obtaining and working with these, please contact us at kylefite yahoo. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Cults of the Shadow.


This paper would serve as a wonderful meditation and guide for any artist who is bertixux this approach to their work. I often wondered if Michael was in the business of blackmailing other occultists, or at the very least, helping to spread rumors and reveal the improprieties of others.

michael bertiaux | Kyle Fite

Ye can have no other companion. This deck will have no pre-order and will only be offered after completion. Note that the unique spelling of “voudon” is an innovation of Bertiaux’s, though it is similar to the traditional spelling of vodun.

We rely on the sum of our acquired wisdom and skill to navigate the difficulties at hand. The most ancient of artifacts and markings on the walls of caves show this. Besides, who had the time and money to travel to Haiti bertiux actually perform the proper kind of research to verify what Michael was telling us?

These sorts of pictures adorn the cover of many popular books on magic and are often examples of generic illustration or graphic design.

Michael Bertiaux

Michael Bertiaux is an occult practitioner and instructor in the Chicago area who developed a large following based on his voodoo-infused Gnostic teachings. A masterwork by an old master not too old! I will maintain that he was a capable occultist and could work fairly malefic magick if he so desired, but he never represented any kind of traditional teaching or initiation. But have you ever heard a supposed Buddha quote and wondered, View or edit your browsing history.

Pete Fox June 1, As paradoxical as this may sound, it points us in the right direction. I have recounted in a previous article the story about the last time I visited him in his Chicago lair, where he demonstrated to me the art of Megapolisomancy.

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When you are lost, go back to the time when you knew what you were doing and begin again there. He had at first lived in a large basement flat that had little light to illuminate it during the day.

He was a gracious host, always serving various exotic mixed drinks to his guests, but I always supposed that he did it to get bsrtiaux guests inebriated so as to make them more amendable to his michzel. The recent Weiser reprint is just that — a reprint, not really a new edition; it seems to be simply a photo-reproduction of the original book’s headache-inducing typography except for an added preface and conclusion by Courtney Willis.

As these inventions ossify, the artist arises to follow impulse and intuition. Bertiaux had long been associated with the Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua, a pseudo-initiatic gnostic-magical order supposedly founded in in Haiti by the gnostic patriarch and Voudon high priest Lucien-Francois Jean-Maine.

Launched out of a correspondence course and series beritaux classes for students and followers of Voudon Gnosticism and the OTO, this seminal text is at once one of the most mysterious and magnificent of all esoteric books. I would rather offer my head to the gaping jaws of a crocodile than give myself into the hands of this man. The world, however, must have some basis, some origin or source whereby it comes into being.

It is simply a shifting of inner vision.