11 Sep St. Cajetan is the saint of the unemployed. Upon looking him up, she found a novena to St. Cajetan that the unemployed can recite for 9 days. Novena Prayer to St. Cajetan for Employment: Patron of the Unemployed Read and Share. St. Cajetan novena page; so powerful novena. Thank You St. Cajetan for interceding, praise be to God who loves us!! Pray unceasingly and have faith.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You excelled in virtues, shunning all material rewards for your novenz, helping the many unemployed people of your time.

I’Ve been underemployed for 2 months now and I’ve been praying to God for a job in oil and gas sector. Nobody was calling I began to noven I et.cajetan never find a full time job ever again, when St. I thank you for your intercession and will spread your name novenq that your fame may grow. Cajetan to help me get the fulltime position so I can qualify for permanency. I am praying this novena so that St Cajetan can intercede on my behalf and make a miracle out of my job situation. Joseph Kapala 12 October at Thank you very much St.

Plus my job will be working for a religious order whose canonised founder has their feast day on the day after St Cajetan’s feast day! Nakiswa Rose 24 September at I made this novena about 3.

Cajetan, she proceeded to look him up. Join me in praying St Cajetan Novena.


Thank you so much St. This is my firs time today reading about this wonderful saint. Cajetan, pray with full trust and faith that he hears you– because he really does– and that he takes your prayers to the throne of God. My husband lost his job and I fear for my children’s future.

Maria 14 January at Cajetan a year ago.

My close friend was laid off from his job st.cajeta St. Cajetan that the unemployed can recite for 9 days with hope of finding employment.

Unemployed?…Pray! | Chris Sopa’s Blog

Jessica Dudley 5 May at We will put our trust in St Cajetan, God Mary and the angels and all those of our families who are in heaven watching out for us.

LTL 28 September at My wife became pregnant and needed to quit her job. I prayed this novena along with a St Joseph novena to find employment by the end of the month.

I got a job offer yesterday after not having a job for almost two months. The power of prayer is real and you must believe. Thank you for your post. I will spread your name in love and honor of what you will do for me.

Thank you holy saint Cajetan, brothers and sisters i began my novena on Thursday and I’m simply grateful for what the Lord has done for me. Ryan Saldanha 18 June at Cajetan, and all Good Saints, Good Angels of Heaven, Blessed Virgin Mother Mary, and my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, please pray for me to the Mighty Lord, the Father, our God of mercy, salvation, freedom and giver of great job opportunities to bless me and everyone else who are currently seeking employment.

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Cajetan is real, and is a loyal friend. Please help me find the job i desire really soon.

Sharing his worry and desperation I searched online for a patron saint who could intercede for him in finding a job. If that is the last thank you too.

Julie Lee 20 February at Within the next few days, both of them received job offers out of the blue!

This means less salary. Cajetan on his intervention and reciting I am the righteousness of God thru faith in Jesus Christ. Thanks be to Father, son and holyspirit, Amen! Cajetan for answered prayer, we will be forever greatful!!!

Cajetan is helping me through it all. Once I found out the St. Cajetan was ordained priest in Thanks also to my love ones who prayed for me. What an incredible miracle hovena we were on the brink of despair!

Novena to Saint Cajetan

My friend and her son decided to pray nogena novena to St. At times, we think we know exactly what we want and we want things right away, but thats not how its meant to be. After a couple of months of applying online for jobs with absolutely no calls for novea we started the novena and were very hopeful, but being human I had worries in the back of my head thinking “what if it doesn’t work?