Abu Jafar Maomé ibne Jarir Tabari (em árabe: أبو جعفر محمد بن جرير بن يزيد; transl.: Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari, lit. “Abu Jafar Maomé, filho de. The commentary on the Qur’an, by Abu Ja’far Muhammad b. Jarir al- Tabari ; being an abridged translation of Jami’ al-bayan ‘an ta’wil ay al-Qur’an, with an. Tafsir ad-Dur al-Manthur fi at-Tafsir al-Mathur – As-Suyuti () Tafsir Jami` al-Bayan `an Tawil ay al-Qur’an – At-Tabari (26 PDF) (ZIP Mo).

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This Tafseer is based on commentary by quoting texts — verses and ahaadeeth — and its fame is second to the fame of al-Tabari among later scholars.

Muhammad ibn Jarir at-Tabari – Wikipedia

If you do not have an account, you can click the button below to create one. In my experience, the enormous cast of characters is not at all unusual in medieval writing compare Ming Dynasty novels or Icelandic sagas as is the frequent presence of adventure and violence. Can’t log in to your account? But this feature does not matter to many ordinary Muslims who are not able to research isnaads and distinguish tabark isnaads from weak ones; all they want is to know whether an isnaad is francaus or weak by means of a clear and brief statement to franncais effect.

Topics IslamTabari. Al-Tabari handles it all with aplomb. Each of them has its own characteristics which means that the seeker of knowledge cannot show preference to one of them over the other. The Tafseer of Ibn Katheer is more appropriate for the ordinary people, and there is much in it from which scholars and seekers of knowledge can benefit.


With ta to which is superior, nothing like the Tafseer of Ibn Jareer al-Tabari has been written since. Each of these Tafseers was written by a great Sunni scholar, and the scholars still recommend them. Praise be to Allaah. Create new account Log in.

He also avoids odd dissenting opinions. I have read it from beginning to end and I do not know of anyone on the face of the earth who is more knowledgeable than Ibn Jareer. He discusses the soundness and weakness of the ahaadeeth in most cases, which is an important feature of his Tafseer.

If a traveller were to travel to China in order to obtain it, that would not be too much. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said: Tabari English 40 volumes Item Preview. If you have an account, log in.

There follow a few comments on these two Tafseers. Uploaded by TheRationalizer on July 13, When he has finished quoting their opinions, he states which he thinks is most likely to be correct, then he describes how he reached that conclusion. Type of comment Comment on academic content Comment on spelling Request translation of the answer Request clarification of the answer.

Tabari (English) 40 volumes

And Allaah knows best. Al-Suyooti may Allaah have mercy on him said concerning this Tafseer: LarryKoen zt favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – May 13, Subject: This is an important feature of his book which is not present in many of the books of Tafseer that are in circulation among us.

No seeker of knowledge can do without these two books. In the last volumes, he himself is a witness to the events he describes, such as the year revolt of black slaves in southern Iraq. In other volumes, he attempts to rely on the best-authenticated reports maintained by chains of individuals, i.


It is essential for scholars and seekers of knowledge, but it is not appropriate for ordinary people because they are not qualified to understand it properly.

Which is more sound, Tafseer Ibn Katheer or Tafseer al-Tabari?

In some cases there are several versions of the same incident, all presented without authorial comments. Add a comment Top of page. If you do not have an account, you can click the button below to create one If you have an account, log in Create new account Log farncais. Password should contain small, capital letter and at least 8 characters long.

It is written in an excellent and easy style which is not longwinded or boring, or too short and boring.

Nothing like it has ever been written. It is one of the best and greatest of Tafseers. Abu Haamid al-Isfaraayini said: He explains verses by quoting other verses, and he quotes fdancais verses frajcais explain the verse under discussion; then he quotes ahaadeeth that have been narrated on the same topic as the verse, and he quotes the isnaads of some, especially those that were narrated by Imam Ahmad in his Musnad, as he is one of those who memorized al-Musnad.