The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 1: Govinda is a story about the struggle for power, the need to reign supreme and the eternal fight for honor and love. The book is. 5 Nov Just finished reading the last page of the book: The Aryavarta Chronicles: Govinda (Book 1) by Krishna Udayasankar. Coincidentally she is. 22 Dec For example, Govinda Shauri is not the lovable, incurable romantic as we all have seen him so far but a strategic, consummate statesman and kingmaker.

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On a sidenote this book also fits perfectly with “Non-European Fantasy by Women” list as well. At the end of the day, that spirit is much, much larger than any story or chrronicles book.

WINNOWED: Book Review: The Aryavarta Chronicles, Book 1: Govinda by Krishna Udayasankar

I adore the epic, and I do my best to get my hands on every single version of it that exists out there, literature or film. As mighty powers hurtle towards a bloody conflict, Govinda Shauri, cowherd-turned-prince and now Commander of the armies of Dwaraka, must use chronivles his cunning to counter deception and treachery if he is to protect his people and those whom he loves.

So the idea of Mahabharata as a story of extraordinary humans who had no superpowers was not new to me. Instead of blindly bashing the book, maybe consider the fact that it aryxvarta out of your league.

Also, a piece of advice would be to slow down on feminism. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? And does Govinda have it in him to confront the dark secrets of his past and discover the true meaning of being Arya, of being noble? Mar 23, John Trident rated it it was amazing. Consisting of three books-Govinda, Kauravas and Kurukshetra the novel is a description of the events as they took place in Aryavrata consisting of NorthCentralEast and West India never understood the neglect of South India in Indian History.



Krishna Udayasankar

You are commenting chroniclee your Twitter account. After Meluha it seems that young people with a Post – Grad degree and an ability to write are on a spree to pick up a govina character and mold it into human form and write a battle around it. I had bought both Govinda and Kauravas and am reading Kauravas right now. Remember if you dont like to imagine gods as simply human being containing every shade of humans and more on grey side then this book is not for you.

A story for the sake of a story. Except for the font-size which is too small, I have no major cribs! Aryyavarta to content Just finished reading the last page of the book: Reading now, about half-way through. But where Krishna author failed is mixing mythology with the fantasy. At first, the title maynot sound appealing to the ears, but trust me folks never judge a book by its title. Govinda Shauri is a cowherd, who takes the remaining Yadus from Mathura and moves to chronicle distant land and were he builds the glorious Dwaraka.

The rating is 3. Yet I was completely enthralled by the story, as I was constantly kept a bit askew by the story’s turns and twists. If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off.

There are many examples in this book, where the author has taking a tangent from what is most read about these incidents.

Sonam Kapoor acquires rights for The Aryavarta Chronicles | bollywood | Hindustan Times

Cant write a detailed review as I had no strength and willingness to wrack my brain or time over this. By all means copy Amish Tripathi but make sure that ur even half way near to his wits and intelligence.


What was new in “Govinda” is Mahabharata as a story of people all of whom have personalities which fall into grey or black except I think Suka, Vyasa’s son and the intrigue in the political plots and plans behind the well known wars and conflicts.

At the end, I would just say that I am really excited to pick up the second chroncles after the events that startled me at the climax of the first one. My mom loved it so much, she ordered her own copy, so I guess for me that speaks volumes about the influence the author is gonna have.

Return to Book Page. A concept that looks beyond the mythical setting and tells a tale of the transformation of a human – aryavwrta mere mortal into a legend. We are introduced to the Firstborn Dynasty of scholar-sagas who are descendents of Vasishta Varuni and protector of the Divine Order on the Earth.

Sonam Kapoor acquires rights for The Aryavarta Chronicles

One thing that comes to my mind after finishing this book is ‘Krishna. The Legend of Ikshvaku. Aruavarta a trick bards and storytellers have been adopting since ages.

But due to some events the Firstborns decide to destroy the whole lineage of Fire wrights. If you’re a fiction lover, chrpnicles reader, one who loves being an mythological adventures, watches mahabharata then you’re simply in for a treat of a lifetime. I actually went through this book knowing nothing about it, not even reading the back cover.