Title: The Late Mattia Pascal () [Il Fu Mattia Pascal] Author: Luigi Pirandello [ ] Translated from the Italian by Arthur Livingston [] * A. The late Mattia Pascal, by Luigi Pirandello, Complete book. Introduction and translator’s note (Arthur Livingston). Mattia Pascal endures a life of drudgery in a provincial town. Then, providentially, he discovers that he has been declared dead. Realizing he has a chance to.

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To escape, he decides one day to sneak off to Monte Carlo, where he encounters an amazing string of luck, acquiring a small fortune. The Book of the Courtier Penguin Classics.

Perhaps these very comic elements are what has doomed the book to be taken less seriously than it deserves. Come nel racconto “la carriola”, nella quale uno stimato avvocato ha come unica valvola di sfogo il poter far fare la carriola al cane, anche qui abbiamo un protagonista ingabbiato nelle convenzioni sociali e con l’ossessivo desiderio di allontanarle.

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That we have a first class drama in this novel is evident from the fact that Pirandello himself used the amusing situation in the first part of the story as the theme of one of his Sicilian comedies: We have to remember, finally, that life in over-populated Europe is based on the defensive principle; that a man is guilty until proved innocent; that unless his papers are in order, unless he can tell who he is, where he came from, and why he came from there, he cannot find employment, transact business, or establish social connections of any important kind.


He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for “his almost magical power to turn psychological analysis into good theatre.

The Late Mattia PASCAL

One or two things in this milieu may seem exotic to an American. I have adapted one or two scenes where a pun compelled a detour; I have given, for special reasons, a new ending to the episode of the wedding ring. This is his most-famous novel that has some autobiographical features and is exploring themes of identity, self, freedom, and death that were the most obvious and prominent, spiced up with a humorous note that made this novel relatively light read.

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The Late Mattia Pascal – Wikipedia

The criticism of such devices, if criticism there be, is, however, lxte they show excess, rather than lack, of technique. The light of a common idea is fed by a collective feeling; if howeverthis feeling stops being general, the lantern of the abstract term stays standing, but the flame of the idea crackles, flickers, and dips, as usually happens in all periods of so-called transition.

He lives with screaming kids, a wife who tne lost interest in him and a viscous mother-in-law who hates him. His wedding is not more happy: The following quote is interesting in the context of other WWI era reading: Mattia Pascal endures a life of drudgery in a provincial town.

The Late Mattia Pascal Summary

One, None and a Hundred Thousand. Luigi Pirandello was born in Agrigento, Sicily, the son of a rich mining contractor. Tutti prendono lo sconosciuto morto per lui. Dec 05, Tyler Jones rated it really liked it Shelves: Free as a bird; he traveled places, embraced a new world with open arms where imagination had no boundaries. A few days later on his way back home, he discovers that while he was away a dead body was mistaken for his and he has been declared dead in his town.


Non lo dico tanto per criticare. Chapter 11 – Night My art is full of bitter compassion for all those who deceive themselves, but this compassion cannot fail to be followed by the ferocious derision of destiny which condemns man to deception.

– The Late Mattia Pascal – PirandelloWeb

Mattia has run away a few days before and takes the misidentification as a godsend; Pascal too flees debts as well as a miserable home life. The novel, in a word, possesses intrinsically that lafe, that humanness, which the Pirandello play more often suggests than contains.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The style, as often with Pirandello, mixes drama and humour, and is voluntarily quite easy to read in order to make the novel accessible to everybody and not only to a well-educated elite. Mattaipages. Recommended to FeReSHte by: Mar 29, Jim Fonseca rated it really liked it Shelves: