The “76 Standard Solutions” of TRIZ were compiled by G.S. Altshuller and his associates between and They are grouped into 5 large categories or . The 76 Standard Solutions were created by G. Altshuller as solutions for common The Substance-Field analysis is a TRIZ methodology composed of a. PDF | The 76 Standard Solutions were created by G. Altshuller as solutions for common The Substance-Field analysis is a TRIZ methodology composed of a.

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We are committed to have one of each of the remaining sections each month. The resulting solution causes a paradigm shift within the industry.

Change the environment by humidifying the air in the room. A water pumping system causes noise.

Precise timing of the explosions increases the effectiveness of minimizing the pile of debris. Translated by Anthony Williams.

The Seventy-six Standard Solutions, with Examples Class 4

We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. They are grouped into 5 large categories as follows:. Introduce an element S3 to absorb the harmful effects.

Translated by Lev Shulyak.

From Altshuller’s 76 Standard Solutions to a New Set of Standards – ScienceDirect

That is the main idea of the Standard Solutions and almost each Standard Solution represent one of such pairs of graphic models. The Standard Solutions are not related to specific areas of technology and help transfer effective solutions from one branch of technology to another.


Match the natural frequencies of the field with the substance Use vibration in conjunction with magnetic fields Measure changes in a system by means of changes in its resonant frequency. Dipping a handle in paint and allowing gravity to remove the excess paint. Use magnetic field resonance 20 Continuity of action 2. The film forms by vacuum thermal deposition. This is commonly done with coatings by applying a surplus and removing by centrifugal force. Getting needed ions, molecules, etc.

Altshuller and his TRIZ team identified and documented 76 Standard Solutions, and organized them into five distinct classes: Thermal contraction is used instead of a lubricant to make it easy to fit the 2 pieces together.

Use masks during the fabrication of silicon wafers to allow dopants to penetrate certain regions and to prevent them from penetrating other regions. Strategies for simplification and improvement 17 standard solutions. To fit one part inside another, cool the inner one, reducing its diameter, put them together, then let it expand. A magnetic field cause a layer of balls to form at the elbow, protecting the material.

Place explosives only where needed to demolish a building. Creation, transformation and sloutions of elementary simple substance-field models; includes two groups and 13 Standards. In this example the original problem was. Complete an incomplete model. A description of most Standard Solutions contains two parts Figure 1: The durability of the piston increases.


Control small quantities by applying and removing a surplus. Altshuller and his associates between and Likewise, a substance that cannot take the full action directly but can achieve the desired effect through linkage to another substance can be used. The locations requiring the large effects can be enhanced by a substance S3. Translated by Lev Shulyak. Small glass ampoules of medicine are sealed by flame, but the heat from the flame can degrade the medicine. Table 1 is a list of the 40 principles with the correlation to the 76 StandardSolutions.

S2 is the leather seal, and S1 is the shaft, and F is the mechanical force between the seal and the shaft, which is inadequate. A system with snow S1 and skis S2 solufions be improved by adding wax S3 to the skis.

The power is needed only to release the load by activating a counter electromagnet.